Interior Decoration Company

With over 30 years experience in decoration, we provide quality interior design and construction works services. We are both professional and creative.


We strongly uphold the spirit of Customer First, and every project design is tailored for our customers’ needs. Our direction of design is being simple, elegant, natural and at the same time functional and practical. We provide creative layout planning, allowing customers to easily participate in and enjoy the design process. We also carry out high quality construction works, making each work a delightful experience.


Our company serves a wide range of customers. We are very experienced with all kinds of design projects, ranging from ordinary residential buildings to luxury villas; our customers come from urban areas, the Peak, South Hong Kong Island, Southern District and Sai Kung District, and we have countless projects for your reference.


Other than the characteristics of infinite creativity and our wide scope of services, our excellent after-sales service is also one of the main reasons for our high reputation. Arterior Design does not only allow customers to realize their ideal interior designs, but also provide them with one-stop after-sales service, including interior decoration, and buying as well as repair and maintenance of home appliances. For all home appliances bought by Arterior Design, should there be damages, with just a call, our staff will handle related maintenance works for you. We will even arrange on-site repair services. This kind of high quality service is definitely unusual among our competitors.